Vikas Dhara Mahila Sansthan

Perspective and Strategy

Perspective and strategy

Vidha intends to work for economic development of the area's women, enhancement of means of their income generation, and their capacity building. These steps, the organisation believes, will solve the problem of livelihood and reduce exploitation and atrocities on women. Vidha intends to see all the women organised so they can raise their voice against exploitation and atrocities.

Any activity that leads to empowerment of women and adolescent girls is taken up. Vidha has found panchayats as active participant in this endeavour and is working to develop their perspective so they can effectively intervene on issues like purdah (veil) system, dowry, death feast, child marriage, exploitation, intoxication, atrocities, disputes, illiteracy, family planning, sexual and gender discrimination, etc.

Since Bundelkhand area is water deficient and drought prone, water management becomes critical in such an area. For this joint efforts based on people's participation are a must so water resources in the organisation's operational area may be saved and conserved. Appropriate efforts are being made for the development of farmers and agriculture.

Tribals living in Bundelkhand area of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, particularly Saharias, are being organised. Efforts are underway for improving livelihood means of the tribals, education, health, and empower them through education and training.


The key word for Vidha is community participation. In its strategy, community participation is ensured in:

  • Accees, planning and implementation
  • Decision making
  • Preparation of ideal and better model
  • Follow-up, monitoring and accounts keeping

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